December 15, 2017

Mistletoe is a Christmas tradition that can be overlooked all the time, it is a plant with green leaves and red berries. Why is mistletoe a good thing? It gives lovebirds an excuse to kiss each other again. Along with that in almost all of the cheesy winter movies the guy always kisses the girl under the mistletoe and makes girls watching say “awww I want that.”It originated from England and the tradition says, Men were allowed to kiss any woman caught under the mistletoe, if they refused it was a view of bad luck. The color of mistletoe, green and red is also the colors of Christmas, which is another way to get in the Christmas spirit! Mistletoe is poisonous to cats, so people who hate or dislike cats are in luck!

I’m not a big fan of mistletoe, it’s not just the idea of kissing a person that is possibly a total stranger — it’s the idea as a whole.
Mistletoe dates all the way back to medieval and Victorian England. Basically the tradition is to hang the plant’s leaves from the ceiling at a party and whoever walks under the plant together have to kiss.
Personally I don’t spend my time at parties running around and looking at the ceiling for leaves, sorry.
Unknowingly walking under the mistletoe doesn’t give someone the right to kiss them, it’s an invasion of personal space
Just keep your cold sores to yourself, I’m trying to enjoy a party.

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