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Face to Face: Prom

Staff Opinions on prom

March 23, 2017

Prom is Cool

Having two older siblings, I have always looked forward to prom since I was in late elementary school when my brother went to prom for the first time.
Since that time, I had created an entire vision of what my prom would look like, and it definitely was nothing like my actual experience, but that was just fine with me.
The thing about prom is that the group you go with will make or break the experience, and luckily for me I had a great group.
We spent the day eating McDonald’s chicken nuggets and french fries at our punch party, parading through the commons with our dates for promenade, (which was something I found to be a little awkward since I don’t particularly enjoy being the center of attention in that way) eating a great dinner filled with lots of laughs and finally heading off to the dance.
At the dance we met up with other groups and enjoyed one of the highlights of high school together.
While the actual dance was a great time, the best part about prom for me was the preparation.
Being on prom committee last year, I was able to be apart of the entire process; from generating theme ideas (space prom anyone?) to taking the theme selected and making it a reality.
My fellow committee members and I spent hours pitching ideas for decorations, food and activities and many weekends making it all happen. Finally, as prom came close we worked in the gym transforming it from a smelly high school gymnasium into a boardwalk filled with games, those face-in-the-hole photo op things and most importantly; snow cones, popcorn and cotton candy.
It was definitely hard work but it all paid off when it came time for the dance.
Being able to see students enjoying their prom made me exceptionally happy and made my prom experience even better.
The day after prom, most of my group and a few added friends who didn’t go to the dance all hopped in our cars and caravanned up to the cities for a day spent wandering through Franconia Sculpture Park, as well as Mall of America
So after reading about my experience you may be surprised to know that I am actually not planning on going to prom this year. While I loved prom (which is pretty strange since I usually don’t find myself enjoying dances/most forms of extensive socialization) I just didn’t really feel the need to go this year.
To anyone on the fence about prom, I highly recommend going at least once.
At risk of sounding cliché, it is an experience you don’t have very many opportunities to have, and will create memories that will last longer than your corsage that will likely end up in a random drawer with all of your other “mementos” (that may just be me though).

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I’d Rather be Eating Pizza

Sabrina Hill

Teenagers and prom.
Two words you see together all the time. The best moments in the movies? At prom. The time you meet the love of your life? Prom. But, really, can it live up to the hype?
I’m one of the people who really doesn’t want to go to prom, and if it weren’t for my sister forcing me against my will—as a “rite of passage”—I’d be working and making money while everyone else spent their money on flowers and buying a dress worth two months pay.
Is prom necessary for everyone? I can’t dance, and pulling off a sharp suit while having fun in a place full of people I don’t know is a sure impossibility. Why spend time having an anxiety attack due to the sheer amount of people surrounding me when I could be at home, alone, catching up on the latest season of whatever show I happen to be watching.
Don’t laugh or poke fun at your friends because “they can’t find a date” or “they’re just being lame”. People have legitimate reasons for not going, and if the reason is that they would rather sit at home with a pizza, that’s fine by me! I’ll always have a chance to go to a dance later on in life; this isn’t the last dance ever. One day, I might just go and have fun!
It’s just that, honestly, I would rather eat a pizza than do most other things, especially when I’ve stocked up my Netflix queue.

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